In Ilkor there are four distinct Skill Groups; Physical, Subterfuge, Knowledge, and Communication.

Primary & Secondary Skill Groups #

Every Class has a Skill Group that is linked (prime skill group) to their Class;

  • Physical for Fighters
  • Subterfuge for Rogues
  • Knowledge for Wizards
  • Communication for Priests

Skill Group Rank #

Each skill group has a score. This score is known as a Skill Group Rank.

Each Class’ Prime Skill Group is equal to your character’s current level +3.

Another skill group, a choice you make a the time of character creation, is a Secondary Skill Group and is equal to your character’s current level.

All other skill groups are equal to ½ your character’s current level rounded down.

Physical #

The abbreviation is PHY.

Physical is used for everything related to strength, movement and all things related to pure physical attributes. It overs any activity where the body plays a part in deciding the outcome such as jumping, bashing, swimming, etc.

Subterfuge #

The abbreviation is SUB.

Subterfuge is used for anything requiring stealth, deception, or thievery. It covers a wide range of skills, including Hide, Move Silently, Listen, Open Lock, Search and Spot.

Knowledge #

The abbreviation is KNO.

Knowledge deals with all the actions involving evaluations, logic thinking, memorization and the use of brain in general. It broadly covers everything from geography and history to environment and can be used to identify monsters, recognize religious symbols or heal someone.

Communication #

The abbreviation is COM.

Communication is used for interacting and empathy towards NPCs (non-playing characters) and creatures when trying to be diplomatic, convincing or proving a point.