While Ilkor isn’t the sort of game that has an end or can ever be won, players are able to progress or advance through ‘levels’ and in doing so your character will grew in ability and power.

Advancement does not refer to equipment, items or artifacts that your character may acquire during adventuring. While these physical possessions may well assist your character and give a boost to both abilities and powers it is not what the game refers to as advancement.

There are two types advancements:

Turn Advancement #

Each turn your character earns Experience Points and by doing so you will be awarded a number of Minor Ability Points that you will be able to distribute as you see fit amongst the four abilities.

This advancement happens each and every turn. The amount of points awarded can and will vary.

Level Advancement #

Your character will rise through the ‘levels’ by earning Experience Points. Although the advancement is slow, the rewards are worthwhile and permanent.

Your character starts at level 1 and can progress right through to level 15. In real time it is estimated this could take between 5 and 8 years depending on the frequency of your turnaround.

Obtaining a new level is known as ‘Levelling Up’. With this comes various permanent increases in abilities, bonuses, skills and new spells.

It takes progressively long and long to advance to the next level as more XP is required.