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The province of Eron is currently unsettled, as most avoid a territory almost completely overrun by beasts and even some magical beasts.

Several countries within Caledon have tried to settle Eron in the past—most notably Meldorion and Caldovon—but every effort has so far ended in defeat, and the beasts of Eron are more legendary (and dangerous) than ever.

Despite the dangers, a small settlement deep within the Eagle Highlands has managed to endure over the past few decades, a racial mix of humans, elves and halflings that have found a way to work together in order to keep the beasts of Eron at bay.

Indeed, many adventurers consider it an honor to sojourn to Eronham, serve within the local militia, and help defend the settlement for at least a year.

Caledon - Eron
Settlements #
  • Eronham
Features #
  • Eagle Highlands (center)
  • Eron’s Escape (west)
  • Plateau of the Eagles (southeast)