Moving around the World of Arcadia is encouraged and plays a big part in the game. Just be careful out there in the wilderness, its dangerous especially in certain areas and if you wonder off the beaten track.

The major towns and cities are linked via trading routes. It’s strongly advised you stick to these for both safety and speed.

The world map is absolutely huge. An overview, illustrated maps and details regarding aspects such as climate, geography, demographics, economics, etc can also be found in Arcadia’s Gazetteer.

Many tasks, quests and missions will require moving around the world.

The most common mode of transport is by foot or mount. Boats and ships are available, though its extremely rare to find a ship that sets sail between the regions.

Mystical Portals and other magical forms of movement / travel are rumoured to exist that provide rapid movement around the lands.

While the available illustrated maps gives players a sense perspective, some of their details can be brought into doubt.

Movement is performed on a hex map. Hex locations are revealed as when when players travel through or near them. Map making and sharing /swapping of such information should become a key part of the game.

Each hex represents 5 miles. There are over 50 different terrain types, each costing a different amount of movement points to traverse them.

Each race moves at a different rate. Coupled with the Player Character’s encumbrance and travelling mode (walking or running) will determine the daily distance they can travel.