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In this section you will have access to the various alliances you are a member of. There are three different types:

Society #

All players start the game being members of two societies:

Societies are controlled and run by the GM. These type of alliances provide players to learn and comment about game rules and development (Icesi’s Codex) and the news related to their current region (Caledon Chronicles).

Guild #

There are 4 guilds. One for each character class. Players are automatically granted membership of the guild that is associated to their character class:

  • School of Fighting
  • School of Wizardry
  • Rogues’ Den
  • Priests’ Council

Guilds typically are run by their own kind, by a player who gets nominated.

Faction #

This type of alliance is a player created faction. These are all private and while players can request to join, the faction themselves (player run) will have ultimate decision over the membership list.

The purpose of factions is totally up to the players involved in it. Maybe it’s for a group of friends to share info and chat privately; or for like-minded players who are into map making, etc.

You can be a member of as many factions as you wish.