Table of Contents
Caledon - Thrine

A hardy population of dwarves dominates this colder and more desolate realm.

Located in the far northwestern corner of Caledon, the majority of the territory is comprised of a series of larger islands, dangerous locations populated by ferocious beasts and mysterious personalities.

While a majority of the dwarves still cling to a weak feudalistic political structure, the territory as a whole is slowly slipping toward anarchy due to the overwhelming number of creatures invading the mainland from the north and west.

Indeed, dwarven refugees are pushing southeastward past the Iron Mountains and into Agorion to avoid the monsters, which is causing conflict with the indigenous elven populations of Agorion.

Hence, the dwarven leaders within Ronnan are rapidly recruiting adventurers from the Caledon mainland, in the desperate hope that the beasts from beyond can one day be stopped.

Like with many dwarves throughout Caledon, Mikelis is held in high esteem throughout Thrine, although a small minority prefers to worship Almos.

Settlements #
  • Ronnan (west)
Features #
  • Drake Passage (northeast)
  • Isle of the Dragon Master (far northeast)
  • The Dake Isles (north)
  • The Gulf of Thrine (far northwest)
  • The Isle of Dread (far northwest)
  • The Sea of Souls (north)
  • Thrine Island (west)
  • Warlock Island (far northwest)
  • Wyvern Hills (northeast)