While a small pantheon of gods, lesser gods and demigods rule the world of Arcadia and struggle for worship and control, it all began—and is still ultimately ruled by—Icesi, the “God of the Heavens.” After creating Arcadia and its four primary humanoid races (dwarves, elves, halflings and humans), Icesi was the sole deity for most of Arcadia’s history. Moved by the love and compassion showed by his own humanoid creations, Icesi gave birth to three magnificent children, a noble son (Ikinadari) and two beautiful daughters (Ilandris and Ilkor). All three children descended upon Arcadia and began to directly interact with the four great races, worshipped as the gods they were and so very loved by Icesi.

While Ikinadari was honorable (and became the god of law) and Ilandris was passionate about all wild animals (and became the goddess of nature), Ilkor—the youngest of the three children—became obsessed with her own vanity and convinced herself that all should worship only her. Centuries passed, and Ilkor became more and more self-obsessed and seductive, learning the secrets of dark magic and founding a religion based on lies, corruption and selfishness. Ilkor then summoned the darkest magic to charm her very own brother Ikinadari and trick him into marriage, and over the next few centuries, Ilkor gave birth to a total of six children, all who become lesser gods in their own right.

Ultimately, Icesi banished Ilkor to the Underworld, which broke the spell on Ikinadari and released all of Arcadia from her dark power. Ilkor’s three honorable children (Ilithiia, Almos and Alcstei) remained to serve Icesi and promote their own goodly ideals, while Ilkor’s three wicked children (Iliad, Erus and Vesuna) were banished to the Underworld along with Ilkor (although at least Erus and Vesuna have since freed themselves to again wreak havoc throughout Arcadia). Just after Ilkor’s banishment, four mortals—one from each race—were also chosen by Ilandris to help restore Arcadia and become demigods, and today Ceroklis, Mikelis, Thethis and Zalktis each rule over their own physical domain, in some ways in competition with one another and even the honorable gods of Arcadia. As for Ilkor, she is believed to be plotting her revenge from the bowels of the Underworld, enraged with her father and all those who participated in her banishment.