Caledon – The Blue Isle #

Caledon is situated centrally, surrounded by the other four ‘wild’ continents. It is considered one of the largest regions and is highly populated and the most civilized.

Geography #

Caledon consists of a large continent and a handful of small isles to the west and northwest. In the center resides a large land bound sea called the ‘Sea of Icesi’. This sea was created by Icesi himself as well as Annwynia, the large island, the home of his children.

Climate #

It is pleasant and fair most of the year. It can be best compared to central Europe, France and Spain. There are some regions that do get snow from time to time, the north of Agorion and Thrine.

Demographics #

There is a fairly even spread of Human, Elf, Dwarf and Halfling. Although there is ‘some’ friction amongst the various races, they are all generally considered ‘friendly’ and at worst tolerate one another.

Population #

Even though Caledon is considered a safe and civilized region, most people stick to the safety of settlements. It is generally accepted that travelling between settlements should be done via the major trading routes. Doing so pretty much ensures a safe and un-eventful trip.

Economics #

Anything and everything can be traded here. Caledon is a fully self-sufficient continent, producing everything it needs. Much silver does ship down from Mallegan in the north and gold from Kharine in the east.

Religion #

While all religions can be found here, not all are openly accepted. The likes of Ilkor, Erus and Vesuna are generally shunned and disliked by the general population but it is felt there is a growing ground-swell of followers.