Religion plays a large part of the game. World of Arcadia has a rich and detailed mythology, consisting of many gods, lesser gods and demigods. Consider reading Arcadia’s Mythology Overview for more information.

Some deities are good, some are neutral and others are evil. Icesi – God of the Heavens oversees all of them and protects mortals who choose not to worship any specific deity.

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All adventurers start with a Neutral alignment and under the protection of Icesi. All PC’s are free to decide, if they so wish, to start worshipping any of the deities that they so wish.

Please note that alignment and religion are loosely related. Each impact the other to some degree. An evil character is not going to be easily accepted by a good deity and visa versa.

Adventurers will encounter many religiously related people, locations and situations. Some settlements and groups are followers of a specific god and frown upon those that worship others. In some cases they ban such acts.

Settlements usually contain temples, churches and the like for most of the deities. Some of these buildings might be hidden from the general public, while others will have several buildings of different grandeur and statues scattered throughout the streets.

It is strongly advised adventurers taking on the Priest class should get involved in aligning with a deity.