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The known world of Arcadia #

The known world of Arcadia is divided into five principle regions (continents). At the heart of the world is the more civilized blue region of Caledon, and its magical island of Annwynia, the “Home of the Gods.” Large populations of humans, elves, dwarves and halflings call Caledon their home, and the region has long flourished and prospered. All player characters begin their adventuring careers within the relatively safe and peaceful borders of Caledon.

To the west of Caledon lies two very large land masses, the yellow region of North and South Argyll. This region is considered the most unsettled within Arcadia; war is rampant, thieves and pirates rule the land and no living thing is safe. To the north of Caledon lies the white region of Magellan, a cold, remote and desolate continent that is also the smallest within Arcadia. Magellan is famous for its dragons, which have occupied the region for millennia as their ancient breeding grounds. The red region of Kharine lies to the east of Caledon. Also known as the Desert Continent or the Scarred Lands, Kharine is by far the most feared and dangerous within Arcadia, and only the brave (or very foolish) dwell there. However, Kharine is extremely rich in gold, minerals and precious gems, and the promise of immediate wealth has driven many to the continent—and to an equally-quick demise. Finally, the green region of Erasums lies to the south. Split into two large land masses, the smaller eastern section is considered reasonably civilized and safe, although passage to Erasums across the Caledon Ocean is always dangerous.