Table of Contents
Caledon - Agorion

Comprised mostly of plainlands, Agorion is an elven realm with a long and proud past but perhaps a dim future.

Feudalistic for many centuries, the various clans of prairie elves scattered throughout the plains place honor and tradition above all else, even at a time when the dwarves of Thrine are pressuring from the west and pockets of monstrous humanoids are gathering to the east.

Hence, some within Agorion are becoming frustrated with their elder leaders and are beginning to take matters into their own hands.

Long settled by the elves, seven major cities exist within Agorion and a variety of key features keep the realm intriguing for adventurers.

Settlements #
  • Agor (south)
  • Arion (south)
  • Berathon (far west)
  • Chelingwood (southeast)
  • Ersley (north)
  • Esinghill (west)
  • Windleah (east)
Features #
  • Agorwood (east)
  • Agor Fens (south)
  • Forest of the Undead (west)
  • Gray Foothills (northwest)
  • Green Creek (south)
  • The Bay of Ersley (north)
  • The Great Plains (north)