Mallegan – White Region


Magellan is the north most region and the most remote due to very few ports on the northern coast of Caldeon.

Magellan the smallest of the 4 ‘wild’ continents and consists of a large island to the northwest with about 4 or 5 much smaller isles to the east.

All the islands are clustered closely together making movement between them relatively quick and easy.

Magellan is famous for its dragons. Over many thousand years dragons have used Magellan as their breeding grounds, enjoying the typical cold climate, remoteness and isolated mountainous areas.

Geography #

The continent is long and slender. It consists of about 6 major islands. By far the largest island in the group is to the northwest, the other much smaller islands spread out one after another to the east.

The lands are generally very barren. Only the largest island has any major forests and woodlands and most of these are found in the southern areas. The rest of the terrain is made up mountain ranges, hills and mostly wastelands and tundra.

Climate #

This region is by far the coldest. Due to its northernmost location the climate here is generally very cold with harsh conditions pretty much throughout all seasons.

It is not uncommon for snow to persist for the majority of the winter and autumn months. The south most coastal areas of Rarina and Eppon are kept mild due to the warm trade winds from the south.

Rhawe is said to be a magical kingdom where its woodlands are protected by Ceroklis. The rest of the lands are usually tundra underfoot throughout the entire year.

The further east you go the weather gets extremely bitter with icy winds and snow storms.

Demographics #

Only the toughest and hardiest of people set up home here.

Humans and Dwarves are the main races that can be found here. Somehow they have made the extreme conditions bearable.

Dwarves are said to be riddled throughout all the mountain areas, especially Silver Peaks and the Ardin Range.

Infact Ardin, the mountain kingdom is said to be the original homelands of dwarves.

Silver craft has been pasted down the generations and there is nowhere in Arcadia that can match the sheer skills found here.

The silver mines are aplenty, mostly in the Silver Peaks but also in the Ardin Range. Further east the dwarves mine for gems, especially emeralds.

Crae is the most northern homelands to a hardy halfling race. Over hundreds of years they have relocated to this region due to the attraction of both silver and gems. The silversmith skills of Crae are on par with the dwarven nations of the north.

The nations of Ardan and Rarina are run by the wildmen of the north. The two nations are human and extremely proud people, tough and hard working.

The only nations where elves can be found in reasonably large numbers are Rhawe and Eppon.

Population #

Magellan is the least populated region of Arcadia. Its numbers have been declining in current years as the winters have been extremely harsh, pushing many folk to move across the waters, southward to the mild climate of Caledon.

Dwarves are said to be the dominating race, situated in the mountain areas, having built endless tunnels and dungeons in the roots of the mountains over hundreds of years.

They are said to share their homelands with dragons, which are said to help the dwarves in their mines and smiths.

The human nations have been growing in numbers of late and are said to be friendly with the Elven areas but have been falling out of favor with the dwarves.

Both the elves and halflings only make up a fraction of the region’s population.

Economics #

The people of Magellan manage with very little. Trade does happen between the islands and Caledon but the trade ships are few and far between.

Silver is the main source of income for the islands, the dwarven nations mine extensively which provides a wealth of internal trade between both humans and especially the halfling nation of Crae.

Gems are traded with the elf nations who craft the most beautiful jewelry in the world.

Luxury goods from the south are scarce as is most equipment, weapons and armor.

Religion #

Zalktis has a large following here as does Mikelis. Both demi-gods are in favor with many dwarves and humans.

It is said that the extreme eastern nation of Rine is ruled by a powerful Sorcerer who has taken to dark ways, worshipping Iliad.

Alcstei seems to be very popular with the elven races while the halfling nation of Crae worship Ikinadari.