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Caledon - Agorion

Dominating the northcentral area of Caledon, the Grasslands of Agorion have never been wholly settled by just one race, but instead is shared by all, one of the most peaceful and serene locations in all of Arcadia.

This is partially due to the grasses themselves, which can grow to ten feet in height and can make travel and settlement difficult.

This is also due to a latent magic that surrounds and permeates the land, a mystical aura that few can explain but most find relaxing and even medicinal.

Indeed, those who venture into Agorion are soon rendered docile, as if all aggression and will were suddenly removed.

Some believe that Agorion is actually home to the lesser god Alcstei, the god of forgiveness, and it’s his influence that calms irrational thought and tames the savage heart.

Settlements #
  • Arblingbury (west)
  • Hotingbrook (southeast)
  • Leyton (far southwest)
  • Woodham (south)
  • Wortingbury (east)
Features #
  • The Forest of Runes (south to southeast)
  • The Green Hills (south)
  • Wesling River (west)
  • Windleah Basin (far northwest)