Name #

This is your character’s name. It’s the name that you enter on the sign up page when joining the game, so be sure to follow the sign up instructions. Make 100% sure you are happy with the name you have decided on.

Be sure to choose a name appropriate for a fantasy game-world setting. This needs some very careful thought. The name CANNOT BE CHANGED. It is therefore vital you understand this and give some thought to the type of character (race and class) that you intend playing.

Naming Convention #

Be sure to choose a name appropriate for a fantasy game-world setting.

All races have a rather loose convention to the way they choose names for themselves. It’s highly advised that you take this to heed and do your best to name your PC that is in character with their chosen race.

Please read the naming convention details for the race you have chosen for your character. The naming conventions is different per race. High level information has been displayed below. For additional information and examples of suitable names please visit each race’s page:

HumanYes – Created at Sign-upYes – Surname
ElfYes – Created at Sign-up No
HalflingYes – Created at Sign-up Yes – Surname
DwarfYes – Created at Sign-up Yes – Father / Mother Name

Please note: Your character’s ‘Short Name’ that you sign-up with cannot be changed.

Be sure to check out the naming conventions for each race by clicking on each race’s symbol below:

Gender #

Just two option here. Male or Female. The choose you make will not have any direct advantage or disadvantage to your character. This characteristic is purely for role-playing. Obviously in certain situations NPCs could will react differently based on gender.

Character Profile #

At the start of the game, your GM will update your character’s online profile to include your character’s full name and gender (amongst other information) you included on your Character Creation Form. This character profile is made available to all other adventurers to view.

You are encouraged to keep your character’s online profile updated through the game.