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Time in Ilkor is not an easy attribute to simulate in a realistic way. This is largely down to the turnaround duration that can vary from a day to a couple of weeks in real-time.

If you haven’t done so yet it is suggested you read and understand what a turn and turnsheet is. These are both at the heart of the game’s mechanics.

As mentioned above the real-time it takes to submit a turnsheet, process and return it to the player can be massively out of sync with the amount of ‘in game’ time that has lapsed.

Some examples #

The player submits his turnsheet and receives the results from the GM in 1 real-time day. The results describe activities that lapsed 7 ‘in game’ days.

The player submits a turnsheet and receives the results back 2 real-time weeks later. The results however describe activities that only lapsed 1 ‘in game’ days.

Both of the above examples are totally possible and valid. This is something that will happen and for that reason players must not get hang up on it’s realism. This is normal in an open-ended varied turnaround game.

Remember players are able to submit turnsheets as frequently as they wish. In all likelihood the ‘bottleneck’ in terms of turnaround will be the GM. The game is hand-moderated and therefore it is not processed by a computer program. Rather the GM processes everything by hand. The GM is also running this game for free in his free time which only adds to the unpredictable turnaround time in the ‘real world’.

Therefore the aspect of time should be considered abstract and should not be taken too seriously.

Calendar #

The World of Arcadia‘s calendar is in sync with the ‘real world’ calendar. So the 20th April 2022 in the ‘real world’ maps directly to 20th April 2022 AH in the ‘game world’. AH stands for the ‘Age of Heroes’ which is the 3rd Age of Arcadia. It’s strongly suggested you read Arcadia’s Gazetteer for a better understanding of the game’s setting.

Seasons #

This will differ from region to region. There are 5 regions in Arcadia, Caledon is considered the central region and where all starting adventurers currently start. Caledon loosely follows the ‘real world’ southern hemisphere’s seasonal pattern.