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Like the Grasslands of Agorion to the west, the Plains of Zalktis were never fully settled by a single race, and today is one of the least-populated regions within all of Caledon.

Dominated by animals, beasts, giants and quite a lot of vermin, few humanoids elect to build farms or raise families within the dangerous location (although both Ironford and Narabad are fairly well-settled).

While the territory is laden with monsters, adventurers often see the Plains of Zalktis as an opportunity to test their mettle and hone their combat skills, and hence heroes from all across Caledon routinely quest to the Plains to help cull the undesirable populations.

Caledon - Zalktis
Settlements #
  • Ironford (north)
  • Narabad (southwest)
Features #
  • Gloomwood (northeast)
  • Iron Mountains (far northeast)
  • The Twins (north)