Some insight into the mechanics of the game. The bulk of it you do not need to worry yourself about too much. Most of the complexity is hidden from you as the GM performs the large majority of the number crunching, dice rolling and decision-making that is related to the underlying rules of the game.

Abstract #

The game, while rich with detail, is non the less still relatively abstract in nature. This is by design and to a large degree influenced by the general mechanics all PBM games follow. This is not a weakness but a statement that all players should be aware of. This is not a real-time first person computer game.

Results will often not be rich in content and detail, but rather focus on the important high points of what took place. Remember the game is hand moderated, meaning your GameMaster will be reading your turnsheet and acting out on your intended instructions by consulting the rules, rolling dice, adjusting your character’s abilities, skills and equipment and of course providing a hand written response. This takes time and effort. The GM doesn’t have the luxury of spending hours and hours on just one player’s turnsheet. If this were to happen there would be only a handful of players in the game and all players would feel lonely and rarely encounter one another. The more turns the GM can process in a day or a week the more players will be roaming around the game which in turn will create a wealth of activity, player to player interaction and diplomacy.

The missing detail and rich back stories are for the players to construct, share and tell.

Turn & Turnsheet #

Details about turnsheet.

Turns: Standing Orders, Provide various options based on possible outcomes of tasks and actions you are wanting your character to attempt. Remember the GM will need to make choices on your behalf and will do his best to decide what your character would likely due in such situations based on history and of course your instructions and standing orders. The idea is to keep the game ‘flowing’ and not have the turn halted at each and every decision crossroad.

Difficulty Class #

Skills, Combat & Magic

Time #

Time is measured and recorded based on the real-world’s calendar. Although it is hard, if not impossible, to accurately dove-tail that to the ‘in world’ timeframe of every player character’s experience all the time. The frequency of the turnaround can and will vary, maybe from days to weeks apart. Your character may spend several turns dealing with a situation which spans maybe a few hours or days, while the game’s calendar has moved on several weeks or more. Your character might enter a dungeon in the winter and resurface in the spring, though had only spent a few days underground.

Movement #

Explain high level how this works.

Website #

The website is used to bring players together, its the diplomacy hub, the central place to immerse yourself into the rich detail the game combined with active players create.

Alliances #

Guilds, Societies and Factions