How to Create a Player Character

Prerequisites #

There are just two steps that need to take place before you are able to start on the character creation process:

Example Character Creation Form #

Each character creation form is custom and comes in a PDF editable form. Here is an example of a completed form:

Form: Basics #

As mentioned, it is a PDF editable form. It has been designed to guide you through the process of creating your character. The form is made up of only 2 pages and can easily be completed in 15-30 minutes.

Once completed, the form needs to be emailed back to the GameMaster:

The form will have been designed specifically for you, having your email address and the character name you chose when completing the sign-up registration on-line form.

Form: Player Details #

This section of the form is found right that the top of page 1. There are only 3 pieces of information, all of which are totally optional. It is advised that you complete all 3 fields as it will make your experience playing Ilkor more enjoyable. The 3 fields are:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Mobile Phone Number

None of these fields will ever be given to other players, but rather used between yourself and the GameMaster. Your mobile phone number will be added to Ilkor GM Announcements WhatsApp group. It’s a notification group only, meaning the GameMaster is the only member of the group that can post messages. This group will only be used on rare occasions.

Form: Follow These Steps #

This section gives you a high level guide on how to complete the form. Each point is numbered and refers to various sections of areas of the form. The form also has a number of ‘?’ marks which when ‘hovered over’ gives additional information. Clicking on the ‘?’ mark would take you to the related section in the Player’s Handbook.

Form: Race and Class #

This section requires you to pick both a Race and a Class for your character. There are 4 options for both. There is also a hereditary, called a Bloodline that needs to be selected based on the race that you pick. Each race has a different term to describe their bloodline:

You will also need to decide on the gender of your character. This choose doesn’t have any bearing on your character’s abilities, skills and powers.

All races other than elves required an additional name. In the case of a human and halfling a ‘Last Name’ is needed. For a dwarf the name of your character’s father or mother is required.

Form: Abilities #

The abilities section requires you to distribute 15 points, as you see fit, amongst the 4 abilities. How you distribute will define the type of character you begin playing the game with.

This is not the first and last time you will be distributing points to your character’s abilities. You will have opportunities each time your character ‘levels up‘.

Form: Skill Group Ranks #

This section just needs you to select your character’s secondary Skill Group. Your primary skill group is determined by the Class that you have chosen for your character.

Form: Characteristics #

This section is found at the top of the 2nd page. There are 6 fields, all dropdowns and are used to describe the physical appearance of your character. These choses do not have any bearing on your character’s abilities, skills and powers.

Form: Character Appearance & Personality #

This section gives you the opportunity to further describe your character’s appearance, personality and to list any distinguishing marks such as tattoos, scars, etc.

Form: Character Backstory #

This final section related to your character’s creation allows you the chance to create a backstory and to pick a background from a list of possibilities.

Form: Player Notes to GM #

Finally, include any notes to the GameMaster here.