In Ilkor, players do not use dice. Rather they provide their instructions to the GameMaster in narrative form on a turnsheet.

The GameMaster will make the use of dice to determine the outcome for both PCs, NPCs and monsters.

Many different kinds of dice are used to give a variety of results. Dice included in the GameMaster’s arsenal is a 4-sided die, a 6-sided die, an 8-sided die, a 10-sided dice, a 12-sided die and a 20-sided die.

When referring to dice an abbreviation is often used. The first number in the abbreviation is the number of dice to be rolled, followed by the letter ‘d’ (short for die or dice), and then a number for the type of dice used. For example, 5d8 means an 8-sided die thrown 5 times, and would generate a total of 5 to 40.

The d4 looks like a pyramid. The best way to ‘throw’ or roll a 4-sided die is to spin it and toss it straight up. It will land on one face (side) with three faces showing. The bottom number on each of the three faces is the same; this number is the result of the throw.

The other dice are rolled normally and the top face gives the result. The 0 on the d10 is read as ’10’. The d10 can also be used to generate a percentage (a number from 1 to 100). To do so, roll the d10 twice; the first roll gives the ‘tens’ number, and the second roll gives the ‘ones’ number. For example, a roll of 5 followed by a roll of 3 would read as 53. A roll of 0 followed by another roll of 0 equals 100. Generating a number from 1 to 100 will be referred to as rolling percentage dice (or d%).