There is a fairly even spread of Human, Elf, Dwarf and Halfling. Although there is ‘some’ friction amongst the various races, they are all generally considered ‘friendly’ and at worst tolerate one another.

Trade is both healthy and extremely active, even with the most remote settlements.

In particular the regions of Thrine, Avon and Maradan are Dwarven. The entire Iron Mountains is extremely popular by the dwarf race.

Halflings are riddled throughout Caledon, but they consider Beren Island to the west as their home and can still be found there (and mainland Beren) in their masses. The Athronion region is also very popular by them.

Elves keep mostly to the woodlands and have taken most of Agorion, Valadir, Ethaen and Meldorion as their own.

Athon is controlled by humans, as is Caldovon and Caeronion.