Player Characters are awarded fame points for various deeds they perform throughout their adventuring life.

There are two types of fame; Positive Fame and Negative Fame. The game records both types on the PC’s turnsheet as two separate stats.

A player character can achieve and maintain both positive and negative fame at the same time.

Positive Fame is the state of being known or recognized by many people because of achievements that are lawful and/or good and wholesome.

Negative Fame, also known as infamous, is awarded for evil deeds, usually something that is considered criminal and having a reputation of the worst kind.

All player character’s start off with +0 | -1 (0 positive fame and 0 negative fame).

Achieving Fame Points get steadily harder and require larger and more prominent deeds, however starting characters will find it reasonably easy to amount fame points from the outset as they are basically ‘unknown’ within their community.

A small gesture of kindness to someone in the busy streets might easily provide a starting character with a +1 Fame Point. Or an infamous deed such as pick-pocketing in the local market could result in a starting character in receiving a -1 Fame Point.

Characters who amount negative fame might not be known publicly at the beginning but will rather become well-known in the underworld amongst their fellow thieves, villains and vagabonds. Eventually they will gain public recognition in the form of fear and disgust.

Fame Points have a close relationship to Alignment. A wholly good or purely evil character will attempt to avoid racking up the opposite type of fame point, though this will become increasingly more difficult.

A character with +5 | -5 Fame Points is considered reasonably neutral. The character has performed the same number of positive and negative deeds and in doing so is not known to be extremely good or evil.

A character with -0 | -5 Fame Points will be seem by the world as far more notorious and evil than the character with an equal number of negative fame points but also maintains some positive fame points too.

Once a fame point has been awarded it can never be taken away.