Table of Contents

Basilisk #

A basilisk is an eight-legged reptilian monster that petrifies living creatures with a mere gaze. A basilisk usually has a dull brown body with a yellowish underbelly. Some specimens sport a short, curved horn atop the nose. An adult basilisk’s body grows to about 6 feet long, not including its tail, which can reach an additional length of 5 to 7 feet. The creature weighs about 300 pounds.

Any living creature which meets the gaze of the basilisk must save vs. WILL or be turned to stone instantly. In general, any creature surprised by the basilisk will meet its gaze. Those who attempt to fight the monster while averting their eyes suffer attack and AC penalties.

It is possible to use a mirror to fight the monster, in which case reduces the attack and AC penalties. If a basilisk sees its own reflection in a mirror it must save vs. WILL or be turned to stone; a petrified basilisk loses its power to petrify. Basilisks instinctively avoid mirrors or other reflective surfaces, even drinking with their eyes closed, but if an attacker can manage to surprise the monster with a mirror it may see its reflection.

Centaur #

Centaurs appear to be half man, half horse, having the torso, arms and head of a man in the position a horse’s head would otherwise occupy. A centaur is as big as a heavy horse, but much taller and slightly heavier; average males are about 7 feet tall and weigh about 2,100 pounds, and females are just a bit smaller. Centaurs may charge with a spear or lance just as a man on horseback. They typically wear leather armor when prepared for combat.

Centaurs are generally haughty and aloof, but very honorable. Most would rather die than allow humans, demi-humans, or humanoids to ride on their backs.