Argyll – Yellow Region

Argyll lies to the west and is composed of two very large land masses, North Argyll and South Argyll.

The north isle is about twice the size of the south island, though both are well populated despite its relative lawless system.

Argyll is considered the most unsettled of the ‘wild’ continents. Many areas are at war with one another and the Awresth Straits and its group of small islands are rife with piracy.

Movement between the North and South islands is rare and holds much danger.


Geography #

The North Isle #

The North Island of Argyll is divided down the center by ‘The Black Steppes’, a huge and dangerous mountain range running north to south.

There are but a handful of passes that are heavy patrolled and guarded making movement between west and east very difficult.

The western area of this island is mostly dry and barren with signs of deserts emerging. A highly poisonous land-bound sea called ‘The Black Seas’ is slowly killing off the surround areas.

Its source seeps out from the roots of ‘The Black Steppes.’ To the east the land is greener covered mostly in lush filled woods and plainlands.

The South Isle #

The South Island of Argyll consists of ‘The White Mountains’ which is a small range of mountains to the northeast.

Flowing south is ‘The Great White River’, the only major river on the island. It flows right to the south coast, dividing the land of Bergarth from the east.

Climate #

Generally Argyll has a warm climate. The North Island is warmer than the Southern Isle and the further west you travel the warmer it is.

The Southern Island is slightly cooler but still very warm. The winter months are milder and the summers can bring harsh weather resulting in droughts.

It’s unheard of for the mountain ranges to have snow.

Demographics #

The North Isle #

Humans dominate the western lands of the Northern Island.

The Kingdoms of Dawelland and Merthland are run by two brother Kings. It is said they are in league with Ilkor and together they guard and defend the eastern boarders controlling access through ‘The Black Steppes’.

Further west the areas are mostly populated with Dark Elves to the south and a country of evil Dwarves to the north. They are continuously at war with one another.

To the east of ‘The Black Steppes’ the island has many mixed races, most are neutral or good and strive to work together to defend the darkness from the west flooding through.

A lost Dwarven kingdon called Rhorond is said to be north of ‘The Crown Peaks’.

Megalith is by far the largest of the northern territories, and controlled by a breed of human rangers, many nomads, others horsemen and brave people of the wilds.

The Awresth Straits is a savage waterway dominated by sea pirates, mostly bands of undead lead by human Necromancers.

The South Isle #

The Southern Island is mostly controlled by Elves.

They keep to themselves and are less hostile than their northern relatives. They are dedicated to the lands and all things of nature. It is said their lands are protected by Ceroklis and highly magical.

Many magical items of power are rumored to be made here by highly crafted Wizards and Sorcerers.

The White Mountains is plentiful in white gold and mined extensively by the Dwarves of Crysth.

The Halfling province of Carmerth is a rural gathering of peaceful small people gaining knowledge and extending their potion and herb lore.

Population #

The North Isle #

The Northern Island of Argyll is by far the most populated. The majority of the people live in Megalith and the further west you travel the more barren it becomes.

Little news comes out of the west and gets through ‘The Black Steppes’ and therefore it is uncertain just how populated the dark nations of Dawelland and Merthland are.

Some say they are much larger in numbers than it appears and bidding their time for the up-rising of Ilkor and her followers.

The South Isle #

The South Island is much less populated and its people are more widely spread.

Its settlements are generally a lot smaller with the except of Carmerth Haven in the north and the treetop city of Briar Glen to the east in the Silent Forest.

Economics #

Brecon and Tor, the two coastal settlements on the eastside of North Argyll are major trading ports with Caledon.

A vast array of goods is shipped in both directions.

Little comes from the extreme west mostly due to the poor relationships between East and West.

Trade between North and South Argyll exists but is severely affected by the piracy, trade between Southport and Crysthport is an alternative route, though it is much slower.

Southern Argyll trades mostly in rare herbs, potions and magical artifacts.

Religion #

Ceroklis dominates most of Southern Argyll with small pockets of Ilandris and her other three step-children.

Despite the wildness of Argyll, the south island is generally untainted by the good / evil struggle of the north.

The western areas of Northern Argyll are predominately evil; Ilkor and her children dominate and work together in an attempt to invade and conquer the east.

The east is said to be lawless but there is a strong following of Ikinadari and Almos.

Bands of recruits from Caledon are being brought in, in an attempt to balance the ever growing dark forces of the west.