Table of Contents
Caledon - Beren

Nestled along the far western edge of Caledon, the capitalistic country of Beren is homeland to the common halfling race, a population of tinkerers with a passion for invention and technology.

To fuel such invention, the locals believe strongly in the practice of free trade and making resources available to any with such needs (and hence the saying “If you can find it, you’ll find it in Beren”).

The citizens of Beren generally live happy and carefree lives, keen on turning a profit with their gadgets but trusting and compassionate as well.

Indeed, a strong halfling priesthood promotes grace and virtue from The Hallow Hills to the southwest, a place of study and sanctuary that welcomes all who embrace Icesi, Ikinadari, Ilithiia or Almos.

Settlements #
  • Berenian (far north)
  • Berenton (west)
  • Weslinghill (far north)
Features #
  • Beren Island (far west)
  • Beren Woods (northwest)
  • The Black (southeast)
  • The Black Downs (far north)
  • The Black Forest (east)
  • The Black Island (far west)
  • The Black Range (east)
  • The Hallow Hills (far west)