This website ( plays a critical role in the game. While the turns and turnsheets are handled and passed around between player and GM using email, this website provides a wealth of information that will enhance your gaming experience.

The website is rather simple in its structure. Most of it is only available to registered players who have logged in.

Besides the homepage and other simple pages like; About, Contact, Donate, Disclaimer, Privacy and Terms there are 6 sections as shown below:

Library #

This section is available to everyone. It contains 3 books; Player’s Handbook, GameMaster’s Guide and Arcadia’s Gazetteer. All three books have their own purpose.

Player’s Handbook (PHB) #

This contains the game rules for player. It should contain just about anything you need to know about Ilkor and how to play. The rules may change over time and/or parts could be fleshed out in more detail, example provided, etc. If there is anything here that you dont understand, or you have a question, it is advised you search for the answer or pose a question amongst the various alliances. You are also welcome to contact the GM too.

To view the rules, click here.

GameMaster’s Guide (GMG) #

This contains the game rules and guidelines for GameMasters. The GMG is password protected to keep this section secret and out of sight from the prying eyes of players.

Players who have played for sometime are welcome to apply to become a GM. Ilkor has space for as many players and GMs as there is interest for.

To view the rules, click here.

Arcadia’s Gazetteer (GAZ) #

Details of the world setting can be found within this Gazetteer. Currently it is rather thin on information, however over time this will become rich in content and a tome of knowledge for all die-hard adventurers.

To view the gazetteer, click here.

Tavern Talk #

This is the place to visit for the latest news and gossip. Information from the GM can be found here as well as player information that they wish to share with everyone.

Some key events and actions are also announced here, usually in-game related such as;

  • New Adventurers
  • Awarded Fame Points
  • Level Up Achievement
  • Profile Updates
  • Public Messages (both GM & Player)

Vault #

This section is where you will find all the various manuscripts that you have access to. Manuscripts are such artifacts as:

  • Regional Maps
  • Settlement Maps
  • Dungeon Maps
  • Tokens (Settlement, Potion, Herb, Special Magic Items, etc)
  • Your Character Creation Form
  • Your Turnsheets
  • Etc

The above list is just an example of the type of manuscripts that you might gain access to. The source of such artifacts can and will come from a combination of:

  • Yourself
  • GM
  • Other Players
  • Alliances

You will obviously have access to your own private manuscripts and those that begin to an alliance that you find yourself a member of.

Manuscripts can be granted a scope of either private or public. Anything public can be accessed by another. Private scope is made available to either yourself (if its your manuscripts) or to members of an alliance.

Here’s a link to the public manuscript examples that GM Gads has made available.

Adventurers #

This section is a directory of all the Adventurers and GMs that are currently active in the game. Players are able to view anyone’s character profile, follow, connect and message them.

This is a great place to observe the publicly known information on each adventurer and if you so wish reach out to them and make friends and allies. Remember its a dangerous world out there…especially when you are all alone!

Alliances #

In this section you will have access to the various alliances you are a member of. There are three different types:

  • Society
  • Guild
  • Faction

For more information check out the Alliances section.

Character Profile #

Every player has their own profile. The GM will initially set this up for each player upon receiving the completed Character Creation Form.

From that point and onwards the player should maintain his own profile, adding as much flavour and richness to it as he sees fit. A background and character picture, in keeping with the game, would be a great start.

There are many pieces of information that are either be made public or private. If made private these will not be available to other players when they view your profile.

The Character Profile can also be used to check out any notifications, messages (private and alliance), discussions, manuscripts, connections etc.

Players are also encourage to keep a journal of their character’s adventurers. Each entry can be a summary of each turn and made public for all to see. You are totally at liberty to reveal as much or as little detail as you so much…maybe even a few porkies from time to time to keep the other players on their toes!