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Caledon - Maradan

The proud kingdom of Maradan is home to an ancient population of dwarves that have mined the southern Iron Mountains for thousands of years.

Driven by an equally-proud monarchy, the Maradan dwarves mine the vast majority of base metals in use throughout Caledon, and their history has been strong and honorable.

Still, there are always those who refuse to pledge their allegiance to an almighty king and long-established way of life, and over the years some of the more rebellious dwarves have emigrated to nearby Avon to the west, trading a life of law and structure for independence and excitement.

Wary of the human threat from Caeronion to the north, the Maradan dwarves have recently raised a small army to protect their interests, and are recruiting dwarven adventurers to better protect the settlements of Berston and Freshwater.

Settlements #
  • Berston (northwest)
  • Freshwater (north)
Features #
  • Marawood (north)
  • Marsh of Decay (west)
  • River of Maradan (southwest)