There are many ways to recover Health Points. This value, however, can never be higher than the initial value.

Natural Healing #

Characters heal naturally at a rate of 1 HP per day of moderate rest which involves minimal movement, certainly no travelling but walking around the streets of a settlement is fine.

If your character is completely bed ridden (doing nothing for an entire day) he will heal 3 HP plus STR Bonus per day.

For each complete week of bed rest, the character can add his STR. In both cases above, the character is assumed to be getting adequate food, water, and sleep.

HP lost due to spellcasting recover automatically after a night of rest.

Magical Healing #

Healing spells, potions, herbs and magical devices can speed the process of healing considerably.
By using magic, cuts and scratches and an equal amount of non-lethal damages heal immediately, wounds close instantly and vigor is restored. The effects are immediate.

Herbalism & Healing Proficiencies #

Characters can also gain minor healing benefits from those proficient in the arts of herbalism and healing. When aided by someone with healing ability, a character can recover 1 HP per day more than usual.

The normal 1 HP recover rate is possible even when travelling or engaging in nonstrenuous activity when under the care of an healer.

Diseases #

A successful healing check allows to diagnose and treat a disease (GM may decide it is not possible) to its mildest form and shortest duration. Herbalism helps with a +2 Bonus to this roll.

Poisons #

Someone poisoned can be supported by someone with healing knowledge gaining a +2 to saving check. If the poison has been inhaled or swallowed, only an healer with herbalism knowledges can attempt to treat the victim.

The healer must help the victim within a couple of minutes after coming into contact with poison.

During this period of time the healer must forfeit all other actions in order to help the victim for the next several minutes (the saving throw is delayed). If interrupted, no bonus is gained.

Diseases #

Diseases have various symptoms and are spread through a number of ways.

Several typical diseases require a PHY + STR Bonus check against DC needed to prevent infection.

Incubation is the time before damage begins, which varies based on the type of disease in question and damage more often than not targets the one of the victim’s Major Ability Scores AND Minor Ability Scores. Damage is permanent against minor abilities and temporary against major abilities.

Poisons #

Many kinds of poison exist, some of them deadly.

It can happen due to a poisoned weapon, a naturally poisonous creature or plant, or consumed in food and drinks.

Poisons, generally, don’t damage HP, but directly affect the victim’s Major Ability Scores AND Minor Ability Scores. Damage is permanent against minor abilities and temporary against major abilities.

The GM will make a PHY + STR Bonus check against poison’s DC to see if it takes effect.

Damage is expressed as X/Y, where X is the initial damage taken if the check fails while Y is the secondary damage if a second save, rolled after one minute, also fails.

Unconsciousness lasts 1d3 hours.

Extreme Heat & Cold #

If your character is not wearing suitable protection, the GM will roll a PHY + STR Bonus saving throw once every 10 minutes (DC 15, +1 per previous check), taking 1d6 damage on each failed save.

Resurrection #

The only way a dead character can return to life is with an appropriate spell (or similar divine power or device).

See the description of these spells for more specific information.