Table of Contents
Caledon - Caldovon

One of the more diverse and challenging locations within Caledon, the human kingdom of Caldovon has long been a monarchy led by a powerful line of queens whose husbands—while officially kings within the country—never partake in politics so that they can lead their countrymen in battle against the many monsters and vile creatures that plague the honorable state.

Some argue that the kingdom is more sexist than monarchist, but as more and more monsters infiltrate the state, most feel that the kings of Caldovon best serve the land in its defense.

Trouble spots include the Troll Marshes to the west, the Rotting Swamp to the south, the Marsh of Decay to the northeast, and the Granglewood Forest deep within the heart of Caldovon.

Settlements #
  • Baramon (north)
  • Lingsford (east)
  • Middleton (far east)
  • Ronenion (northwest)
Features #
  • Granglewood Forest (center)
  • Plainlands of the Blessed (west)
  • The Blessed Woods (southwest)
  • The Rotting Swamp (southeast)
  • The Scarred Downs (far east)
  • Troll Marshes (far west)