Table of Contents
Caledon - Caeronion

Said to be the birthplace of humanity—and naturally protected by the Iron Mountains to the west and south—Caeronion appears headed down a dark path; its armies are growing, its people are suffering, and control of the kingdom has recently slipped from a traditional monarchy to a more savage warocracy.

Worse, while Almos is still the “official” deity worshipped within Caeronion, there are rumors of darker cults taking hold, and a few even whisper of Ilkor’s return.

Despite the growing chaos, thousands of humans trek to Caeronion every year, seeking to connect with their ancestors and undermine the fledgling warocracy.

Settlements #
  • Balabar (west)
  • Bensberg (southwest)
  • Eden (northwest)
  • Nazgul (far southeast)
Features #
  • Eternal Forest (north)
  • Iron Mountains (northwest to southeast)
  • The Great Cliffs (northeast to southeast)
  • The Plateau of Caeronion (south)
  • The Sea of Sorrows (far east)