Rogues prefer a more subtle approach over strength using their quick wits and fast hands.

They live by subterfuges, but not all of them are thieves (even if most of them are). They have a lot of personal and physical skills that help them to get in and out of trouble effortlessly. The less they have to toil and struggle like everyone else the better they think they are.

Class Overview #

  • Rogues Prime Ability is Dexterity and starts with a +2 bonus.
  • Prime Skill Group of a Rogue is Subterfuge and they receive +3 bonus.
  • Rogues receive a +2 Missile Attack bonus.
  • Rogues can wear light armor and use any weapon other than 2-handed & cannot use a shield.
  • Rogues can not learn and cast spells.
  • Backstab Special Ability.
  • Starts with 75gp (gold pieces).

Sub-classes #

Technically, sub-classes are not defined in-game. This however should not prevent you from designing and shaping your character into a sub-class type suitable for your class. Here’s a few examples:

  • Assassin
  • Ranger
  • Scout
  • Thief

Special Abilities #

Rogues start with the special ability to sneak up on an opponent by making a successful skill check roll using the SUB skill group and DEX modifier. Then try to backstab (Melee or Missile) the opponent. If the backstab attack hits, the Rogue may add their SUB skill group score to the damage.

Other special abilities will be revealed later on in the game and will be rewarded every 3 levels. See Level Advancement for more information.

Levels, XP & Titles #

The table shows the XP required to reach a specific level. In doing so your character will ‘level up‘ and be awarded a new title.

1491,000Expert Rogue
15105,000Master of Shadows