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Said to be the birthland of the original elven race, the current populations of Valadir are best known as rangers and druids, champions of nature and fierce defenders of all things simple and natural.

A smaller country organized as a socialistic state, its resident elves are expected to aid all who request such help, and continually cooperate with one another for the betterment of all.

While dedicated to all things good and true, the neutral deities are also revered and respected by the elves of Valadir, especially Ilandris and Ceroklis.

Most honorable elves throughout Caledon consider a pilgrimage to Valadir a necessity at some point in their lives, especially adventurers who are new to their careers and want to prove themselves.

Caledon - Valadir
Settlements #
  • Blackheath (near north)
  • Ringswold (south)
  • Risca (west)
Features #
  • Blackwood (south)
  • Plains of the Horse Whisperers (west)
  • The Black (northwest)
  • The Black Range (northeast to southeast)
  • The Valadir Gulf (far southwest)