Weapons are divided up into groups of; Light Weapons, One-Handed Weapons, Two-Handed Weapons and Ranged Weapons.

Each grouping includes a weapons cost, damage type die, and range if applicable.

Cost #

This is the cost for purchasing the weapon. The cost also includes miscellaneous gear that goes with the weapon such as 20 arrows, bolts or sling stones for a bow, crossbow, or sling.

Damage #

The damage column indicates the damage die used when a successful attack is made.

Range Increment #

Any attack at less than the range increment distance is not penalized for range. After the initial range increment a cumulative -2 penalty on the attack roll is applied to each additional range increment. A thrown weapon will have a maximum of five range increments while a projectile weapon will fire out to ten range increments.

Light Weapons #

Unarmed Strike1d3
Axe, Throwing8 gp1d610 ft
Dagger2 gp1d410 ft
Hammer, Light1 gp1d620 ft
Handaxe6 gp1d6
Mace, Light5 gp1d6
Pick, Light4 gp1d4
Sap1 gp1d6
Sickle6 gp1d6
Shortsword10 gp1d6

One-Handed Weapons #

Battleaxe10 gp1d8
Club1d610 ft
Flail8 gp 1d8
Longsword15 gp1d8
Mace, Heavy12 gp1d8
Morningstar8 gp1d8
Pick, Heavy8 gp1d6
Rapier20 gp1d6
Scimitar15 gp1d6
Shortspear1 gp1d620 ft
Sword, Bastard35 gp1d10
Trident15 gp1d810 ft
Waraxe, Dwarven30 gp1d10
Warhammer12 gp1d8
Whip *1 gp1d3

Two-Handed Weapons #

Chain, Spiked *25 gp2d4
Falchion75 gp2d4
Flail, Heavy15 gp1d10
Flamberge50 gp1d12
Glaive *8 gp1d10
Greataxe20 gp1d12
Greatclub5 gp1d10
Greatsword50 gp2d6
Guisarme *9 gp2d4
Halberd10 gp1d10
Lance *10 gp1d8
Longspear *5 gp1d8
Scythe18 gp2d4
Spear2 gp1d820 ft

Ranged Weapons #

Crossbow, Hand100 gp1d430 ft
Crossbow, Heavy50 gp1d10120 ft
Crossbow, Light35 gp1d880 ft
Dart5 gp1d420 ft
Javelin1 gp1d630 ft
Longbow75 gp1d8100 ft
Net20 gp10 ft
Shortbow30 gp1d660 ft
Sling1d450 ft

*Glaives, guisarmes, lances, longspears, spiked chains, and whips are reach weapons.

A reach weapon is a melee weapon that allows its wielder to strike at targets that aren’t adjacent to him. Most reach weapons double the wielder’s natural reach, meaning that a typical wielder of such a weapon can attack a creature 10 feet away, but not a creature in an adjacent square. Spiked chains may make both reach and normal attacks.