Table of Contents
Caledon - Annwynia

By far the most important and revered land in all of Arcadia, the island of Annwynia is well known as the home of the gods, created by Icesi himself and given to his children Ikinadari, Ilandris and Ilkor (although Ilkor has, of course, long been banished from the island).

No established government controls the island; most creatures (especially neutral or evil beings) wouldn’t dare step foot within Annwynia, and even goodly beings must be both powerful and blessed.

Several divine features underscore the glory and importance of the island territory.

Features #
  • Annwynia Straits (north)
  • Bay of Dreams (northwest)
  • Ceroklis Wood (east)
  • Fen of Iliad (north)
  • Heavens Passage (south)
  • Icesi’s Stairway (west)
  • Sea of Icesi (west and east)
  • Thethis Basin (southeast)
  • The Bay of Gods (far southwest)