A class is what your character is trained in. A profession, if you prefer. The classes available are Fighter, Wizard, Rogue and Priest.

Keep in mind what your character’s abilities are: a wizard with a really low INT stat simply doesn’t make sense, usually…though there is nothing stopping you from playing such a character if you so wish.

All Characters begin at Level 1 and the table below provides the main differences between the four classes at game start.

Prime AbilityStrength (STR)Intelligence (INT)Dexterity (DEX)Wisdom (WIS)
Prime Skill GroupPhysical (PHY)Knowledge (KNO)Subterfuge (SUB)Communication (COM)
Skill Group Bonus+3 Physical+3 Knowledge+3 Subterfuge+3 Communication
Magic Bonus+2+1
Melee Bonus+1+1
Missile Bonus+1+2
Damage Bonus+2
WeaponsAnyLightLight, 1 Handed & RangedLight & 1 Handed
ArmourAnyLightLight & Medium
ShieldsAnyLight & Medium
Special AbilityBackstabTurn/Rebuke Undead
Starting Gold150gp125gp75gp120gp