Use of the Word “Level”

The word ‘level’ has several different meanings in Ilkor.

CLASS LEVEL: Is a general term meaning an amount of experience in the PC’s profession (class). When a character earns a given amount of experience points (XP), the character gains one class level. All player characters begin the game at 1st class level, and will gain levels through adventuring within the lands of Arcadia.

MONSTERS: A ‘monster level’ indicates how tough and ferocious a type of monster is. A monster’s level is equal to the number of hit dice (a measure of how much damage a monster can take and still survive) it has. Some monsters have special powers and the GameMaster may consider the monster’s level to be higher than it’s hit dice.

SPELLS: The term ‘spell level’ indicates the difficulty of a magic spell. For example, light is a first level spell, but continual light (a more difficult version of light) is a second level spell.

These uses of the word ‘level’ will become quite familiar to players once they have played a few turns.