Most checks are made against a Difficulty Class (DC). The DC is a number that your character must score as a result on the skill check or saving throw in order to succeed. Please note the GM will be performing the skill check / saving throw on your behalf.

Very easy0Notice something large in plain sight. (Knowledge + WIS)
Easy5Climb a knotted rope. (Physical + STR)
Average10Hear an approaching guard. (Subterfuge + WIS)
Tough15Rig a wagon wheel to fall off. (Subterfuge + DEX)
Challenging20Swim in stormy water. (Physical + STR)
Formidable25Open an average lock. (Subterfuge + DEX)
Heroic30Leap across a 30-foot chasm. (Physical + STR)
Nearly Impossible40Track a squad of orcs across hard ground after 24 hours of rainfall. (Knowledge + WIS)

Opposed Checks #

An opposed check is a check whose success or failure is determined by comparing the check result to another character’s check result. In an opposed check, the higher result succeeds, while the lower result fails. In case of a tie, the higher skill modifier wins. If these scores are the same, the GM will roll again to break the tie.

If you are ever unsure which Skill or Stat will be used ask the GameMaster and you will be told which is most appropriate according to the situation. You may also review the lengthy Skills List for more information.

Favorable and Unfavorable Conditions #

Some situations may make a skill easier or harder to use, resulting in a bonus or penalty to the skill modifier for a skill check or a change to the DC of the skill check.

Conditions that affect your character’s ability to perform the skill change the skill modifier. Conditions that modify how well the character has to perform the skill to succeed change the DC. A bonus to the skill modifier and a reduction in the check’s DC have the same result, they create a better chance of success. But they represent different circumstances, and sometimes that difference is important.

Trying Again #

In general, your character can try a skill check again on failure, and keep trying indefinitely. Some skills, however, have consequences of failure that must be taken into account. A few skills are virtually useless once a check has failed on an attempt to accomplish a particular task. For most skills, when a character has succeeded once at a given task, additional successes are meaningless.