It’s not fundamental, but often useful, to know the appearance of your character. The Character Creation Form provides two ‘appearance’ fields for you to complete.

Distinguishing Marks #

Give your character that thing that sets them apart from all other adventurers! A Distinctive mark or feature will help make your character instantly memorable.

A mark refers to a distinguishing feature that is not the norm.

For some characters they may be known by this mark – Morden the Hunchback or Beatrice Scarhand.

Possible distinguishing marks are:

  • A tattoo or tattoos that are unique enough or extensive enough to set you apart.
  • A piece of jewelry that is unique or unusual such as a nose chain or rhino-head ring.
  • Scar or scars savage or extensive enough to be memorable. Could also be missing part.
  • A weapon with unusual styling such as a red axe or spear with the head carved like a wasp sting.
  • Pigments applied to the body in great enough quantity to seem unusual.
  • Physical attributes like; Pointy Nose or Chin, Missing Teeth, Always Squinting, Overbite, Hunchback, etc.

Appearance #

Your character’s appearance will be largely bound by the race you have chosen and of course the characteristics and other character details that you have defined.

Details regarding whether right or left handed could be something of interest to depict. The type of voice, body shape and so on are other attributes you might want to describe.

Character Profile #

At the start of the game, your GM will update your character’s online profile to include the appearance details (amongst other information) you included on your Character Creation Form. This character profile is made available to all other adventurers to view.

You are encouraged to keep your character’s online profile updated through the game.