Erasmus – Green Region


Erasums is the south most region. It is considered similar in size to Caledon if not larger.

Its vast lands are varied in both terrain and people. It is as diverse as Caledon and is the least dangerous of the 4 ‘wild’ continents.

Passage to Erasums is mostly from Caledon and is reasonable frequent though the journey across the Caledon Ocean is a dangerous voyage.

The region is split into two large land masses, separated by a narrow passage of sea.

The eastern island is considered the safer and more civilized of the two.

The western lands are about 3 times the size of the eastern island and far more savage and wild.

Geography #

Erasmus consists of two islands, the west island is about 3 times the size of the eastern isle. There is a narrow passage of water that separates the two.

Eastern Isle #

Devil’s Range separates the eastern isle’ southern-most headland an area known as Catrum which consists of woodlands and plainlands. The rivers Egos and Sirus flow south from a huge lake known as ‘The Deep’. These rivers also shape the land by creating a natural divide. The rest of the isle is covered in a mixture of green woodlands, grassy lowlands.

Western Isle #

The large western island has three major mountain ranges that subdivide the lands into 4 major areas.

The ranges are; Haunted Heights to the south, The Blue Mountains to the south-west and the Ash Mountains to the north.

The rest of the island is covered is vast areas of woodlands and forests, predominately in the north and deep south-west.

The island also has some major rivers that flow the entire year preventing crossing to only bridges and settlements.

There are also some major hill-lands and grasslands.

Climate #

The climate is by far the wettest climate of all the regions. The temperatures are like north Europe.

The mountainous areas often get snow during the winter months and the summer months produce a pleasant warm weather.

Spring and autumn are normally mild.

Demographics #

Western Isle #

Elves dominate the west island. They live and control all the major forests, mostly in the Andros and Cerius areas and in the deep south-west in their enchanted kingdom of Myria.

Dwarves are fairly prominent, keeping mostly to themselves and the mountain areas.

They control very few kingdoms but tend to work closely with their humans or halflings.

Although they are not at war with the elves they do tend to avoid them if at all possible.

Saturnalia is by far the largest kingdom in the north and is highly active with all walks of life.

Halflings tend to keep to the northern areas of Saturnalia and Tilos as they have spilt over from Eathenia on the eastern isle over many years.

Eastern Isle #

The east island of Erusmus doesn’t have any race that outright dominates.

It has a reasonably even spread of all. It doesn’t have much danger, even in the wilds. It is by far much less wild than the western isle.

Population #

Eastern Isle #

The eastern island is almost as populated as the much larger island to the west. This is due to the relative safety of the lands, even in the wilds.

Therefore the settlements tend to be much larger and therefore the population is dense.

Port Cossa and Egosia are the major gateways into the wild western isle.

Western Isle #

The west island’s population is much more widely spread.

It has pockets of highly densely populated areas but on the whole its settlements are smaller and there is more danger out in the wild, even on the roads which are rarely travelled.

People tend to keep to themselves, they do not generally venture too far from their home settlements.

Goblins are rife in both the Blue and Ash Mountain ranges while the undead are found in their droves in the Haunted Heights.

Economics #

Little trade takes place with the other regions of Arcadia.

Erusmus lacks the strong trading network amongst its settlements and while there are little signs of fighting and disagreement between the various provinces and kingdoms it is well known that there is growing tension amongst many of the nations.

The eastern island’s trade is far more active but the west, which is the majority of the region, trades very little.

This does have an impact on production of raw materials and goods.

While there are farmers and miners and various skilled craftsmen, they usually produce just for themselves and what the local community requires.

Religion #

All the deities are here. None are excluded.

The east island predominately worships Ikinadari, Almos and Thethis.

Ikinadari is also very popular in Myria.

Iliad is rumoured to have strong supporters around the southern area of Saturnalia and the north most lands of Celatia.

Vesuna is popular around the Devil’s Range area.

Besides these southern areas, the majority of Erusmus is not obviously dark and evil, though like anywhere in the world there are many evil and foul creatures scattered throughout the wilderness.