Smaller than humans, have more angular and defined facial traits, pointy ears, and an unnatural beauty and grace. Elves are a slightly smaller and lither race than the Humans with sharp features and pointed ears. they seem detached from the world around them, seen by some as introversion or xenophobia. Elves are deeply connected to magic and nature and can easily live beyond 500 years.

They generally have fair skin, light hair and light-colored eyes though there are Dark Elves who possess dark skin and sometimes black hair. There are many kinds of the fairer Elves including; Wood, High and Forest. Elves traditionally live apart from the other races and often in more remote or inaccessible areas. Being a long-lived race Elves acquire a strong intelligence over their many years.

Race Overview #

  • Elves receive a +2 bonus to the Intelligence Ability stat.
  • Elves are most at home in Forest terrain.
  • Base Movement Rate: 60
  • Base Encumbrance: 8
  • Starting Age: 100-500 Years
  • Height: 4′ 8″ to 6′ 2″
  • Weight: 80 lbs to 185 lbs

Sub-races #

Player characters who pick to play an elf is considered a ‘common’ elf. There are three sub-races:

  • Common [all PCs are of this sub-race]
  • Shadow Elves
  • Thunder Elves


Common elves are the original elf race. Slightly shorter than the average human, common elves are also noticeably more slender and graceful, with features that are more angular and defined, including long, pointed ears and wide, almond-shaped eyes. Males are slightly more muscular on average, but there is little difference in height between the sexes, and neither sex grows facial or body hair. Most common elves have fair skin and dark hair.

The Blackwood of Valadir is said to be the very birthplace of the elven race. Strongly attuned to nature and the natural order of things, common elves are generally honorable, sincere and helpful, convinced that such chivalry is only natural as well. Common elves are perhaps the longest-lived of the humanoid races, which perhaps accounts for the substantial wisdom and grace often exhibited by their kind. Common elves dominate Agorion and the grasses of Ethaen as well as Valadir, and can be found in most settlements throughout Caledon


Long ago, several common elf families settled deep within the Leppowood of northwestern Ethaen, and over the centuries became acutely attuned to the forest and the many spirits and magical creatures that dwelled there. The relationship became symbiotic, where the elves helped protect and nurture the forest, and in return the forest shaped and changed the elves, eventually transforming them into shadow elves. Now quite xenophobic, these shadow elves have become so protective of their dominion that even their elven brethren to the south and east are considered enemies. Rare are the shadow elves who will even tolerate outsiders in their midst, and rarer still are those who purposely leave the sanctity and protection of Leppowood for fame and adventure.


In the centuries leading to the rise and domination of Arcadia by Ilkor, families of powerful elven mages recognized the coming storm and undertook a great effort to document and secure the world’s knowledge should Ilkor destroy everything. The experience physically transformed the mages into thunder elves, actually increasing their mental capacity and thirst for new understanding. After nearly being obliterated by the armies of Ilkor, the thunder elf populations eventually rebounded and they settled within Granglewood, where they continue to seek and record knowledge even to this day. This sub-race derives its name from the fact that all thunder elves are born with a strong affinity for magic, and most learn how to tear the very air around them at a young age, producing particular loud (and sometimes uncontrollable) thunderclaps.

Bloodlines #

The ancestry bloodlines of elvesare known as Houses.

There are 5 different great houses throughout the lands of Arcadia:

  • Great House of Eothila
  • Great House of Awatha
  • Great House of Nilaithas
  • Great House of Leathunal
  • Great House of Eihon

Great House of Eothila

Like most elves, members of the House of Eothila are deeply connected to the wilder regions of Arcadia, protectors of the environment and naturally-born rangers and archers. The gentle spirits of the House of Eothila take their archery skills to a whole new level, however, able to perform feats of skill with a bow and quiver that are nearly magical in nature. While most elves of the House of Eothila profoundly respect life and would never take a life for immoral reasons, there are a few who have chosen the darker path of robbery and assassination. Many say that those born into the House of Eothila can shoot a moving target from 100 paces completely blindfolded, such is their tremendous skill with a bow.

Great House of Awatha

The elven House of Awatha are typically seen as dark and evil, but such is not exactly the case. Fiercely territorial, such elves are sworn to a life of protection and defiance, extremely xenophobic and willing to kill anyone who foolishly stumbles upon their home village or campsite. Such defensiveness is said to have been borne of the Age of Unrest, when the armies of Ilkor almost eradicated most of the proud elven houses and the House of Awatha took a solemn vow to never allow such genocide again. Those born into the House of Awatha are bred with incredible paranoia, so much so that members virtually never sleep and are impossible to surprise or startle.

Great House of Nilaithas

Over the centuries—even into the years of Ilkor and her domination over Arcadia—the elven House of Nilaithas was powerful with magic; only those with the greatest of wizardry skills were allowed to marry into the house, and children born without the ability to wield magic were often banished (or even murdered). Hence, today virtually all elves born into the House of Nilaithas possess a tremendous affinity for magic, so much so that often its youth can barely control their own power. With such power has come great responsibility, and so most of the larger settlements throughout Arcadia are populated (or even governed) by at least one elf from the House of Nilaithas.

Great House of Leathunal

While elves are the longest-lived race, those of the House of Leathunal seem particularly obsessed with life itself and cheating death for as long as possible. Indeed, some believe that a drop of immortal blood runs through those born into the House of Leathunal, perhaps an evolutionary echo from the Archaic Age when all four major Arcadian races were immortal. Others believe that members of the House of Leathunal preserve their lives through more darker means, either through animate magic (becoming “undead”) or even the making of a pact with Ilkor’s evil child Iliad, ruler of the Underworld. In any case, elves of the House of Leathunal live unnaturally long lives, and several are considered almost immortal.

Great House of Eihon

A near-knighthood of elves, members of the House of Eihon have gained substantial political elevation and prowess throughout much of Caledon since the dawn of the Age of Heroes, and are highly respected for their courage and chivalry as well. To acquire such traits, those born into the House of Eihon are removed from their parents at a very early age and sent away to apprentice and squire for blood-related nobles, and hence such elves traditionally sacrifice parental bonding for politics and leadership. Elves of the House of Eihon are incredibly knowledgeable and eloquent, a perfect mix of body, mind and skill.

Naming Conventions #

Elves only go by a firstname. They do not have a lastname.

Elves are considered children until they declare themselves adults, some time after the hundredth birthday, and before this period they are called by child names.

On declaring adulthood, an elf selects an adult name. Each elf’s adult name is a unique creation, though it might reflect the names of respected individuals or other family members. Little distinction exists between male names and female names.

Shown below are the various structures to an elf name:

  • Short Name: Thamior
  • Long Name: Thamior
  • Full Name: Thamior of the Great House of Eothila

Example Names #

Male NamesFemale Names

Symbol #

The Symbol used by elves. Many display such symbols on flags, banners, clothing and settlements. Some even include it in there body tattoos.