There are four character classes in Ilkor; Fighter, Wizard, Rogue and Priest. All four begin at level 1.

Classes group together like-minded adventurers but these same characters may still vary greatly. Although there are no defined sub-classes, players are encouraged to design their own and gradually over time direct and shape their character into whatever sub-class they desire.

For instance, a Fighter may be a well-armoured, sword wielding knight, or a lightly-armoured bowman or even a club-wielding barbarian. A Priest might be a priest at a temple, or a shaman of a tribe or even a forest dwelling druid.

Don’t feel constrained by the Class options, let your imagination loose and choose whichever Class is closest to what you have in mind.

As mentioned above, character classes start at level 1 and can advance right up to level 15. Level advancement is achieved when a character earns a given amount of experience points (XP).

XP is awarded every turn. It’s estimated it will take roughly between five and eight real game-play years to reach level 15.