Player’s movement throughout the lands of Arcadia are calculated and presented on a hex map. Each region is represented in a series of hexes, as shown below:

The above hex snippet has been taken from the Caledon region. Each hex represents 5 miles and posses a terrain type icon. There are over 50 different terrain types.

As you can see from the above example, settlements, roads and rivers are also depicted.

Caledon, the Blue Region is absolutely massive. It is 348 hexes wide by 204 hexes in height. That results in a total of 70,992 hex locations that makes up the oceans and land masses of the Caledon region.

With each Hex representing 5 miles it means the the Blue Region’s map spans a total of 1,740 miles from west to east and 1,020 miles from north to south. That produces 1,774,800 square miles. Needless to say this is huge and moving vast distances will take a long time.

Each hex has a Coordinate an X and Y value represented like: 123,200

Both X and Y starts at ‘000’ in top left corner (north west corner).

Latitude (Y-values) hexes run north-south and are parallel to each other. If you go south, latitude values increase, starting at ‘000’ and ending with ‘203’.

Longitude (X-values) hexes run west-east. If you go east, longitude values increase, starting at ‘000’ and ending with ‘347’.

Latitude and longitude coordinates make up the geographic coordinate system for Caledon.

Moving off the map edges will result in moving into one of the other 4 regions.

Each PC has a number of Movement Points (MP) that represent a day’s worth of movement. These are calculated using the character’s Max Movement Points and reduced if adventuring under load (see encumbrance). As a character traverses a hex location he will use up a certain number of movement points. Terrain Types require a varying amount of movement points. For example it is much easier to travel through plainlands than mountains, therefore it will be far more expensive in MPs to travel through mountains than plains.

An adventurer can only run for 1 full day before he will need to reduce his pace down to a walk.

To see a full listing of terrain types and their movement point costs per race go to the Hex Icon Legend page.