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Caledon - Athon

An anarchistic country comprised mostly of humans, the peoples of Athon are fiercely individualist who are at times more savage than civilized.

Dominating the Black and Old Forests as well as the northern Black Range, Athons are almost xenophobic, very uncomfortable with foreigners and preferring to live their lives in virtual isolation from most of Arcadia.

While the country of Athon does not field a standing army of its own, the indigenous humans there have successfully fended-off several invasions in the past, and can do so again if necessary.

Settlements #
  • Athon Citadel (north)
  • Marshford (far southeast)
  • Neverdon (northwest)
  • Sina (far northwest)
Features #
  • The Black Forest (northwest)
  • The Black Range (far northwest)
  • The Old Forest (central)