There are four different humanoid races that are available for players to create their character from.

Four Races #

There is a fairly even spread of Human, Elf, Dwarf and Halfling. Although there is ‘some’ friction amongst the various races, they are all generally considered ‘friendly’ and at worst tolerate one another.

Sub-races #

Each race is made up of a number of ‘sub-races’. The base race is known as ‘common’. All characters come from the ‘common’ sub-race of their chosen race.

Bloodlines #

Each race have a number of bloodlines in their hereditary. Your character will belong to one bloodline that you will need to choose. Each race has a different term to describe their bloodline:

Each race has 5 different bloodlines to choose from for you to choose from.

Naming Conventions #

Be sure to choose a name appropriate for a fantasy game-world setting.

All races have a rather loose convention to the way they choose names for themselves. It’s highly advised that you take this to heed and do your best to name your PC that is in character with their chosen race.

Please read the naming convention details for the race you have chosen for your character. The naming conventions is different per race. High level information has been displayed below. For additional information and examples of suitable names please visit each race’s page:

RaceShort NameAdditional Name
HumanYes – Created at Sign-upYes – Surname
ElfYes – Created at Sign-up No
HalflingYes – Created at Sign-up Yes – Surname
DwarfYes – Created at Sign-up Yes – Father / Mother Name

Please note: Your character’s ‘Short Name’ that you sign-up with cannot be changed.