Table of Contents
Caledon - Ethaen

The theologic realm of Ethaen is controlled by two troubled elven populations now on the brink of war with one another.

To the southeast are the common elves of Ethaen who long ago sought exposure and trade with other countries of Caledon, choosing to revere Ikinadari and live in peace with all the intelligent humanoids of Arcadia.

But a largely “uncivilized” elven population—the shadow elves—remain scattered throughout Leppowood, deeply attuned to the land and wanting nothing to do with the outside world; to these elves, Ilandris is almighty and the various creatures and spirits that inhabit Leppowood must be protected at all costs.

While the two elven clans had enjoyed an uneasy peace for centuries, something has recently disturbed the balance and now most elves of one faction captured by the other are typically executed on the spot (as are outside intruders to Leppowood).

Accordingly, most adventurers shy away from Ethaen and avoid the dangerous settlement of Leppo altogether.

Settlements #
  • Cantron (east)
  • Leppo (north)
Features #
  • Cantron Bay (southeast)
  • Leppowood (northwest to southwest)
  • The Black Range (northwest to southwest)
  • The Grasses of Ethaen (south to southeast)
  • The Sea of Ethaen (far southeast)