Table of Contents

Armour #

Armour is divided up into groups of armour types, light, medium, or heavy and armour.

The Armour Class (AC) bonus provided for wearing the armour is added to your character’s AC.

PaddedLight2 gp+10.60
LeatherLight10 gp+20.90
Studded LeatherLight25 gp+31.10
Chain ShirtLight100 gp+41.20
HideMedium15 gp+31.20
Scale MailMedium50 gp+41.40
ChainmailMedium150 gp+51.70
BreastplateMedium200 gp+51.40
Splint MailHeavy200 gp+61.80
Banded MailHeavy250 gp+61.60
Half-PlateHeavy600 gp+71.90
Full PlateHeavy1,500 gp+82.00

Shields #

Shields are divided up into groups of shield types, light, medium, or heavy and shields.

The Armour Class (AC) bonus is given for holding a shield. This is added to your character’s AC.

BucklerLight15 gp+10.30
Shield, Light WoodenLight3 gp+10.30
Shield, Light SteelLight9 gp+10.35
Shield, Medium WoodenMedium7 gp+20.45
Shield, Medium SteelMedium20 gp+20.60
Shield, Heavy WoodenHeavy15 gp+30.65
Shield, Heavy SteelHeavy25 gp+30.90
Shield, TowerHeavy30 gp+41.00

Encumbrance #

Every item of armour and shield has an encumbrance value. This value represents not only the weight of the item but also its bulkiness.

Encumbrance can affect your movement speed. You can find more information on this in the Movement & Encumbrance section.