You will find below a long list of special abilities that your character may be able to obtain at some point in they adventuring career. Not every special ability is available to all, as shown in the table further down, only certain abilities are made available to a specific class.

Both the Rogue and Priest class start the game with a pre-selected special ability each (check the class matrix). Both these classes will continue to be awarded a new special ability every 3rd level. During the ‘levelling up’ the player will pick which special ability he wishes his character to have.

The maximum number of special abilities any character can possess is 8.

Please note: You do not need to possess a special ability to perform such an action (unarmed fighting for example). Your character can still choose such an action, however the outcome when possessing such a special ability will provide you with a significant advantage.

List of Special Abilities #

Unarmed Fighting
Two Weapon Combat
Surprise Attack
Bull Rush
Throw Splash Weapons
Special Enemy
Move Silently
Sneak Attack
Pick Pockets
Open Locks
Hide in Shadows
Master Traps
Detect Noise
Influence Reactions
Hard to Hit
Animal Empathy
Nature Lore
Animal Form
Read Languages
Turn/Rebuke Undead
Aura of Protection

Unarmed Fighting #

Characters who possess this special ability can fight unarmed with such skill and power their body can become a weapon itself (kicks, punches, etc) doing damage (see table below). Unarmed damage increases every 2 levels as shown below:


Two Weapon Combat #

Characters with this special ability can wield two light weapons and attack with them simultaneously.

At low levels this does come with a slight Attack penalty though the higher levels provides a bonus to the Attack rolls. Needless to say a shield cannot be worn when using this special ability.

Penalty / Bonus-2-10+1+2+3+4+5

Surprise Attack #

This special ability provides characters with 2 bonuses. The first is towards the initiative roll and the second is to their FIRST Attack roll.

These bonuses increase as characters advance up the levels:

Initiative Bonus+1+1+2+2+3+3+4+4
1st Attack Roll Bonus+1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8

Speed #

This special ability targets the speed of characters during combat.

Standard action: Characters are able to perform more attacks per round.

Move action: Characters can move at double or more their normal rate.

Minor action: If characters decide to perform actions such as climbing, swimming, jumping, etc they will be able to do this at twice or more their normal speed.


These speed improvements are short-lived. Characters cannot perform this ability for more than a few minutes at a time before having to rest and recover for several hours before attempting it again.

See Combat for more information.

Bull Rush #

This special ability is similar to that of Charge, however with a Bull Rush the adventurer’s sole purpose is to ‘run through’ the enemy. This can be an offensive tactic or used as a form of escape, should the exit be blocked by opponents.

The character will attempt to make a bull rush as a standard action (an attack) and attempt to push an opponent(s) straight back instead of directly attempting to inflect damage.

Strength plays a major factor in this ability as does the size of the opponent(s) which will be considered when determining the DC.

A powerful, imposing and raging adventurer may intimidate and frighten the opponent(s) into turning and fleeing themselves.

If the enemy are not intimidated and stand their ground the adventurer must beat the defender’s Strength check result to push past and freely to either escape or turn and fight.

As an added bonus, rushing past can also result in inflicting some degree of damage to the opponent(s).

Intimidate Bonus+2+4+6+8+10+12+14+16
STR Bonus+4+6+8+10+12+16+18+20

Charge #

With this special ability the character is able to make one special action at the beginning of combat where he charges the enemy, moving up to twice his normal speed and is able to perform an attack action all in the 1st round of combat.

The charge cannot take place if prior to combat breaking out the stand-off is taking place within 10 feet of one another. For this special ability to have a good chance of success the adventurer needs to be within 30 feet, but not less than 10 feet of the opponent(s).

The character must also have a clear path to his opponent(s), nothing hindering his movement (such as difficult terrain or obstacles). If the charge is successful the first attack receives a bonus.

A failed charge will result in the adventurer missing the attack on the first round and will be subjected to a reduction of 50% AC for that round only before he is able to recompose himself for subsequent rounds.

Skill Bonus+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9
1st Attack Bonus+4+6+8+10+12+16+18+20

Throw Splash Weapons #

Characters possessing this special ability have the skills to attack using a splash weapon.

A splash weapon is a ranged weapon that breaks on impact, splashing or scattering its contents over its target and nearby creatures or objects. To attack with a splash weapon, a ranged attack is made against the target.

A hit deals direct hit damage to the target, and splash damage to all creatures within 5 feet of the target.

If the range attack misses the target the GM will roll to determine the misdirection of the throw, with 1 being straight back at the adventurer and 2 through to 8 in a random direction.

As the adventurer rises through the levels he is able to perform more attacks per round.

Attacks per Round12233445

Special Enemy #

With this special ability characters must select a race / creature / person that their consider a ‘special enemy’ (GM have to confirm the choice). From there on, the character will have a bonus to hit that kind of enemy (see table below).

It’s hard to hide this enmity and also during combat hated races / creatures / person are the preferred target unless there isn’t greater danger.

Attack Roll Bonus+2+2+3+3+4+4+5+6

Move Silently #

This special ability ensures the character’s step is smooth and soundless. When attempting to move silently, the GM rolls to check if the movement is silent or not.

Penalties can be applied depending on the surface (leaves, cobbles…) and equipment (noisy objects, armour, etc).

Movement rate is 1/3 normal.

Skill Bonus+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9

Backstab #

This special ability gives the character a chance to go unnoticed and attack someone from behind with a light weapon. This is really only possible if the victim hasn’t noticed the adventurer. Typically this special ability works extremely well when hiding in the shadows, concealed from view.

If successful the attack deals extra damage. If the victim notices the attack, the backstab becomes a normal attack.

Skill Bonus0+1+1+2+2+3+3+4
Damage Bonus1d62d63d64d65d66d67d68d6

Sneak Attack #

With this special ability characters have an advantage in situations leading up to and during full blow-out combat. This cannot be used if combat has already commenced and the character is fighting on his own against one or more enemies. For this ability to be possible it either needs to be performed prior to combat breaking out (if the adventurer is on his own) or if fighting, he is part of a group.

The character can perform this with any weapon (melee or ranged), shield and armour; however the DC will be substantially harder with 2-handed weapons, heavy shields and armour.

Using a stealth-like maneuver, the adventurer will target an unsuspecting enemy and attempt to get within attacking range unnoticed before launching an assault. If successful the character’s first attack will perform double damage.

1st Attack Bonus+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9

Pick Pockets #

This gives the character swift of hand. They can perform or try to steal small items (also from pockets, sleeves, backpacks, purses) sneaking unnoticed or distracting people. A failed roll means they didn’t get the object, but may still escape unnoticed (another roll is required).

Skill Bonus+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9
Escape Bonus+2+2+3+3+4+4+5+5

Open Locks #

This ability enables characters to try and solve puzzle locks (locks with sliding panels, hidden releases, and concealed keyholes) and they can try to pick locks in general using thief’s tools. They can use improvised ones (iron wire, a thin dirk, a stick, etc.) but with a penalty.

Skill Bonus+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9

Hide in Shadows #

This special ability makes the character an expert in hiding, if no-one looks at them, they can completely disappear in the darkness or behind other kinds of concealments (bushes, curtains…) as long as they don’t move.

Skill Bonus+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9

Master Traps #

Characters with this special ability can try to find concealed traps or alarms on objects or places they can examine. The GM rolls a check: if it fails the adventurer didn’t find a trap. This could mean both there’s no trap or he didn’t see it. If found, the adventurer can work out how it works and try to disarm it.

Skill Bonus+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9

Detect Noise #

This special ability provides amazing hearing. With their fine ear, adventurers have better chances of hearing and interpreting sounds or overhear parts of a conversation. To do so, the character must not wear helmets and stay concentrate in silence for one minute.

Skill Bonus+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9

Influence Reactions #

Characters with this special ability can try to obtain a better reaction (or a worse one, if they want) from people and encounters simply by performing: it can be a speech, a song or music, a tale, a joke.

Skill Bonus+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9

Fleeing #

This special ability allows for the character to flee from combat with a good chance of avoiding the normal ‘free attack’ the enemy would typically get.

During the time it takes to flee the adventurer is awarded a temporary AC Bonus.

This enables the adventurer to engage in combat with a large degree of confidence that should the situation get ‘tough’ he is almost guaranteed to flee without incurring damage.

AC Bonus+4+6+8+10+12+14+16+18

Hard to Hit #

Adventurers with this special ability have the skills, foresight and quickness to make themselves more and more difficult to get hit thanks to their expert movements.

AC Bonus+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9

Animal Empathy #

This special ability allows the character to approach an animal to modify its reactions (automatic if domestic or clearly non-hostile), in either friendly or aggressive way.

The adventurer can easily evaluate the characteristics of an animal (strongest horse in the corral, most loyal wolf in the pack…).

Skill Bonus+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9

Nature Lore #

Characters with this special ability know nature, plants and animals in a deeper way many others do not.

They can have a bonus on everything relate to nature knowledge, anatomy, woodworking, tracking, hunting, water finding and so on.

From the 3rd level they are able to apply this bonus to identifying strange plants, animals, and pure water with perfect accuracy and can learn the languages of woodland creatures.

From 7th level adventurers receive the bonus for WILL checks against charm magic and spells cast by woodland creatures.

Skill Bonus+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9
WILL Bonus+2+3+4+5+6

Animal Form #

This special ability allows the character to transform in a small animal once a day, and every 2 levels the number of days increases by one. Two uses can be used to transform in a medium-sized animal, three uses for a large-sized one and so on.

Small (Days)12345678
Medium (Days)1122334
Large (Days)111222

Magic-Counter #

Characters with this special ability can counter effects of most forms of magic cast at them within 30 feet of distance. To counter they make a save against WILL (only once per encounter).

Adventurers with this ability can’t do anything other than a slow walk (half movement) so as to concentrate.

If hit or fail a saving throw the counter-effect is interrupted.

WILL Bonus+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9

Read Languages #

This special ability helps characters in understanding writings in all types of languages.

If a successful check roll is achieved, the adventurer manages to guess some bits of information.

Skill Bonus+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9

Knowledge #

Characters with this special ability have an innate skill in using a combination of divine insight, personal experience, historical information and general logic in learning various aspects of just about everything and anything.

Adventurers with this ability have a 10% chance every 2 levels in learning the general nature of something, not normally the exact function, reason or answer.

An example of this would be to study and learn about a magical item, or to determine if something is magical or has value, the true reason for the decline in food supplies in the town, etc.

Learning Chance20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%

Turn/Rebuke Undead #

With this special ability characters can invoke the power of their god to turn/rebuke undead creatures. This can be used (Base Usage + WIS Bonus) times per turn (see how Base Usage is calculated below):

Base Usage12345678

The DC is determined by the Hit Points of the Undead. If the roll exceeds DC by 10 the undead is destroyed or re-animated (see further below).

Characters are able to combine any number of their turn usages for a single situation. For example, if faced with 4 skeletons the adventurer might decide to ‘spend’ 2 of his total 4 turn usages. He could even decide to spend 3 of the 4, thus vastly improving his chances of success against the DC, though putting him at potential risk for the remainder of the turn.

Character’s worshipping Good Deities will be attempting to turn the undead and ultimately destroy them if possible.

Those worshipping Evil Deities will be attempting to bind the creatures and to re-animate those that are inactive / destroyed. These undead creatures are at your mercy to do as you command.

Character’s worshipping Icesi or Neutral deities will attempt to control the undead based on their own alignment (neutral alignment carries a heavy penalty) and you will need to specify whether your intent is to turn or rebuke. All starting characters (neutral and worshipping Icesi) will turn undead by default. These types of characters cannot switch between turning and rebuking on the same turn.

Aura of Protection #

Characters with this special ability are surrounded by a special aura that protects them from being harmed by enemies (creatures or other). All enemies within a 10 foot radius suffer a penalty (based on the character’s level) on attack rolls. Anything one or thing affected by this aura can easily find its source.