Wizard Magic is also known as Arcane Magic. It requires Wizards to partake in an intense daily study and practice routine. Arcane Magic manifests in the form of spells and spell-like effects by manipulating the magic energy, called “mana”. These spells are known to create more dramatic and destructive effects than Divine Magic.

Wizards cast spells by absorbing the energies around them and releasing it as a spell.

A Wizard makes use of a spell book where all the spells the wizard knows are stored.

They’re all written down in the Wizard’s spellbook. This includes all the level 0 spells the Wizard started with and the spells that were learned at the time of levelling up. It also includes any other type of spell that is learnt or discovered along the way.

A Wizard must take extra special care and attention to keeping the spell book safe and out of danger. Should the spellbook ever get lost or damaged he would need to contact the School of Wizardry Guild as quickly as possible and go through the possible lengthy and expensive process of assembling a new spellbook. This is really something every wizard does not what to go through.

For game sake it is assumed these spells are on the whole memorized to a degree that the wizard is able to cast any of his known spells (that are in his spellbook) at a moments notice. It’s assumed all wizards are continuously studying their spellbook several times a day.

A wizard without his spellbook will not be able to cast any spells after 24 hours.

A wizard is generally fairly animated when he casts spells. He may be seen waving his arms and muttering incantations. For this to happen he generally needs both time and space and to be unrestricted.

At times wizards have the ability to channel and cast spells through staffs and wands that they possess. These artifacts must be held and may or may not be magical themselves.

Remember, although the casting act is generally automatic, there is always a chance of a critical or fumble and if the target unwilling the effects of the spell could be avoided or reduced via a saving throw.

Take a look at the full list of known Arcane Spells in the Grimoire Manual.