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Caledon - Athronion

Long said to be an ancient battleground between the forces of Ilkor and those of Ilandris and Ikinadari shortly before Ilkor’s banishment to the Underworld by Icesi, the vast majority of the country east of Athron is wasteland, its soil so dry and desiccated that nearly nothing grows.

A population of hard-working halflings eventually inhabited the country, occupying the Athron Woods and the Hills of Athron to the west and began to slowly nurse the lands back to health.

Organized under a grayhair government (and ruled by a small council of elders), the halflings of Athronion generally welcome visitors, as they help bring needed resources to resurrect and heal the lands east of Athron.

Settlements #
  • Athron (north)
Features #
  • Athron Wood (north)
  • River Athron (west)
  • The Endless Wastelands (near south)
  • The Hills of Athron (far north)