A level 1 character will have just enough starting wealth to get them self equipped with arms, armour and some adventuring gear.

Fast Packs #

Without reading the full equipment list, you can give a quick pre-compiled pack to your character containing basic tools at the price of 50 gp each. These fast packs are commonly available in just about all cities and the majority of towns throughout the lands of Arcadia.

Finally, add the following, based on your Class:

  • Fighter: Vial of Holy Water & 5 gp
  • Wizard: Spellbook & 2 Spell Pouches & 5 gp
  • Rogue: Thieves Tools
  • Priest: Silver Holy symbol & 5 gp

Delver Pack

Backpack, Belt Pouch, Bedroll, Rations (4 Days), Waterskin, Lantern, Oil (3 Flasks), Flint and Steel, Pole (10’), Rope 50’, Caltrops, Crowbar, Ram (Portable).

Explorer Pack

Backpack, Belt Pouch, Bedroll, Rations (4 Days), Waterskin, Tent, Torch (6), Flint and Steel, Rope 50’, Grappling Hook, Pitons (3), Hammer.

Hunter Pack

Backpack, Belt Pouch, Bedroll, Rations (4 Days), Waterskin, Lantern, Oil (3 Flasks), Flint and Steel, Rope 50’, Caltrops, Chain 10’, Manacles, Lock (Good).

Gear #

Acid (flask)10 gp0.05
Antitoxin (vial)50 gp0.00
Artisan’s Tools5 gp0.25
Backpack (empty)2 gp0.10
Barrel (empty)2 gp1.50
Basket (empty)4 sp0.10
Bedroll1 sp0.30
Bell1 gp0.00
Blanket, winter5 sp0.15
Block and Tackle5 gp0.20
Bottle, glass (empty)2 gp0.10
Bucket (empty)5 sp0.10
Caltrops1 gp0.10
Candle1 cp0.00
Canvas (sq. yd.)1 sp0.10
Case (map or scroll)1 gp0.05
Chain 10’30 gp0.10
Chalk1 cp0.00
Chest (empty)2 gp1.20
Craftsman’s Tools5 gp0.25
Crowbar2 gp0.20
Disguise Kit50 gp0.40
Firewood (per day)1 cp1.00
Fishhook1 sp0.00
Fishing net (25 sq.ft.)4 gp0.30
Flask (empty)3 cp0.10
Flint and Steel1 gp0.00
Grappling Hook1 gp0.20
Hammer5 sp0.10
Healer’s Kit50 gp0.10
Holy Symbol, Wooden1 gp0.05
Holy Symbol, Silver25 gp0.10
Holy Water (flask)25 gp0.05
Hourglass25 gp0.05
Ink (1 oz. Vial)8 gp0.00
Inkpen1 sp0.00
Jug, clay3 cp0.40
Ladder, 10 ft.5 cp1.10
Lamp, common1 sp0.10
Lantern, bullseye12 gp0.20
Lantern, hooded7 gp0.15
Lock, Simple20 gp0.05
Lock, Average40 gp0.05
Lock, Good80 gp0.05
Lock, Amazing125 gp0.05
Magnifying Glass100 gp0.00
Manacles150 gp0.15
Mirror, small steel10 gp0.05
Mug/Tankard, clay2 cp0.05
Musical Instrument5 gp0.15
Oil (1 Pint Flask)1 sp0.05
Paper (sheet)4 sp0.00
Parchment (sheet)2 sp0.00
Pick, miner’s3 gp0.50
Pitcher, clay2 cp0.25
Piton1 sp0.05
Pole (10 foot)2 sp0.40
Pot, iron5 sp0.50
Pouch, Belt (empty)1 gp0.05
Ram (portable)10 gp1.00
Rations, Trail (1 day)5 sp0.05
Rope, Hempen 50’1 gp0.50
Rope, silk (50 ft.)10 gp0.20
Sack (empty)1 sp0.05
Sealing Wax1 gp0.00
Sewing Needle5 sp0.00
Signal Whistle8 sp0.00
Signet Ring5 gp0.00
Sledge1 gp0.50
Soap (per lb.)5 sp0.05
Spade or Shovel2 gp0.40
Spell Component Pouch5 gp0.10
Spellbook (blank)15 gp0.15
Spyglass1,000 gp0.10
Tent10 gp1.0
Thieves Tools30 gp0.10
Torch1 cp0.05
Vial (empty)1 gp0.00
Vial of Holy Water25 gp0.05
Waterskin1 gp0.20
Whetstone2 cp0.10

Gear Details #

Caltrops: A caltrop is a four-pronged iron spike crafted so that one prong faces up no matter how the caltrop comes to rest. You scatter caltrops on the ground in the hope that your enemies step on them or are at least forced to slow down to avoid them. One 2- pound bag of caltrops covers an area 5 feet square.
Each time a creature moves into an area covered by caltrops (or spends a round fighting while standing in such an area), it might step on one. The caltrops make an attack roll (attack bonus +0) against the creature. For this attack, the creature’s shield, armour, and spell bonuses do not count. If the creature is wearing shoes or other footwear, it gets a +2 armour bonus to AC. If the caltrops succeed on the attack, the creature has stepped on one. The caltrop deals 1 point of damage, and the creature’s speed is reduced by one-half because its foot is wounded.
This movement penalty lasts for 24 hours, or until the creature is successfully treated, or until it receives at least 1 point of magical curing. A charging or running creature must immediately stop if it steps on a caltrop. Any creature moving at half speed or slower can pick its way through a bed of caltrops with no trouble. Caltrops may not be effective against unusual opponents.

Candle: A candle dimly illuminates a 5-foot radius and burns for 1 hour.

Chain: Chain has hardness 10 and 5 hit points. It can be burst with a DC 26 Strength check.

Crowbar: A crowbar grants a +2 bonus on Strength checks made for such purposes. If used in combat, treat a crowbar as a one-handed weapon that deals bludgeoning damage equal to that of a club.

Grappling Hook: Throwing a grappling hook successfully requires a Skill check (DEX + SUB, DC 10, +2 per 10 feet of distance thrown).

Hammer: If a hammer is used in combat, treat it as a one-handed weapon that deals bludgeoning damage equal to that of a light hammer.

Ink: This is black ink. You can buy ink in other colors, but it costs twice as much.

Lantern: A lantern provides clear illumination in a 60-foot cone and shadowy illumination in a 120-foot cone. It burns for 6 hours on a pint of oil. You can carry a lantern in one hand.

Lock: The DC to open a lock with a Skill check depends on the lock’s quality: simple (DC 20), average (DC 25), good (DC 30), or superior (DC 40).

Manacles: Manacles can bind a Medium creature. A manacled creature can use a Skill check to slip free (DEX + SUB, DC 30). Breaking the manacles requires a Strength check (DC 26).
(Most manacles have locks; add the cost of the lock you want to the cost of the manacles.)

Oil: A pint of oil burns for 6 hours in a lantern. You can use a flask of oil as a splash weapon. Once it is thrown, there is a 50% chance of the flask igniting successfully. A direct hit deals 2d6 points of fire damage. Every creature within 5 feet of the point where the flask hits takes 1 point of fire damage from the splash.
If desired, the target can attempt to extinguish the flames. Extinguishing the flames requires a Skill check PHY + DEX, DC 15. Rolling on the ground provides the target a +2 bonus on the Skill check. Leaping into a lake or magically extinguishing the flames automatically smothers the fire. If successfully extinguished the target will only receive half the HP damage.
You can pour a pint of oil on the ground to cover an area 5 feet square, provided that the surface is smooth. If lit, the oil burns a couple of minutes at most and deals 1d3 points of fire damage to each creature in the area.

Piton: A piton is a metal spike with an eye through which a rope may be passed.

Ram, Portable: This iron-shod wooden beam gives you a +2 bonus on Strength checks made to break open a door and it allows a second person to help you without having to roll, increasing your bonus by +2.

Rope, 50’: This rope has 2 hit points and can be burst with a DC 23 Strength check.

Spyglass: Objects viewed through a spyglass are magnified to twice their size.

Torch: A torch burns for 1 hour, clearly illuminating a 20-foot radius and providing shadowy illumination out to a 40- foot radius. If a torch is used in combat, treat it as a one-handed improvised weapon that deals bludgeoning damage equal to that of a gauntlet of its size, plus 1 point of fire damage.

Vial of Holy Water: Holy water damages undead creatures and evil outsiders almost as if it were acid. A vial of holy water can be thrown as a splash weapon. Treat this attack as a ranged attack with a range increment of 10 feet. A vial breaks if thrown against the body of a corporeal creature, but to use it against an incorporeal creature you must be adjacent to it and pour the holy water out onto the target. Doing so is still a ranged attack. A direct hit by a vial of holy water deals 2d4 points of damage to an undead creature or an evil outsider. Each such creature within 5 feet of the point where the vial hits takes 1 point of damage from the splash.
Temples devoted to good deities sell holy water at cost (making no profit).

Encumbrance #

Every item of equipment has an encumbrance value. This value represents not only the weight of the item but also its bulkiness.

Encumbrance can affect your movement speed. You can find more information on this in the Movement & Encumbrance section.