Table of Contents

Bugbear #

Bugbears look like huge, hairy goblins, standing about 6 feet tall. Their eyes are usually a darkish brown color and they move very quietly. They are wild and relatively fearless, and bully smaller humanoids whenever possible.

Bugbears prefer to ambush opponents if they can. When hunting, they often send scouts ahead of the main group. Bugbear attacks are coordinated, and their tactics are sound if not brilliant. They are able to move in nearly complete silence, surprising opponents. In order to remain silent, they must wear only leather or hide armor. As with most goblinoid monsters, they have Darkvision with a 30′ range.

One out of every eight bugbears will be a hardened warrior. In lairs of 16 or more bugbears, there will be a chieftain. Bugbears gain a morale advantage if they are led by a hardened warrior or chieftain. In the lair, bugbears never fail a morale check as long as the chieftain is alive. In addition, there is a reasonable chance that a shaman will be present in a lair. A shaman is equal to an ordinary bugbear statistically, but possesses skills and abilities of a low level Priest.

Caveman #

Cavemen are a species closely related to humans; they are shorter and stockier, and much more heavily muscled. They do not all actually live in caves. Whether they are actually less intelligent than “normal” humans or not is a matter of debate, but it is true that they do not have the facility for language as other human, demi-human and humanoid races.